My name is Dania, I am an intuitive energy healer, spiritual mentor and mother of three magically wild children, the medicine woman runs deep in my bones.

I support gentle mothers to connect with their roots, find power in their calm to raise their magical children.

Specifically, I hold the space for you to embrace your shadows with love, help you to heal the wounds of your past, your childhood and the generational patterns of trauma so that you can be a conscious and connected parent, capable within your own energy to hold the space for your child.


The women I work with learn how to overcome the barriers to their worthiness, that keep them stuck in a cycle of feeling burnt out, overwhelmed, unheard and powerless to achieve the calm centred presence they desire as a conscious mother.

I have been in these depths and I’ve worked out the practises that keep me anchored in my calm and stop the chaos from consuming me.

If you have been feeling disconnected from who you are since birthing into motherhood…

Caught up in the daily whirlwind that is surrendering yourself to a little persons every whim and emotional tide…

I would love to support you!


We are of light, embracing source energy, invoking the divine within us.

We are of Earth, healing with nature and the cycles that keep us close to our Earth Mother.

Some More about me…


I have been an energy worker since I was a child, collecting crystals and talking to fairies and unicorns. I attended children’s meditation classes and carried around a rainbow pouch where I would keep my crystals close by, finding the right one for the moment, whether it be to soothe a headache or to help increase the peace of my surroundings.


Intuitive work comes natural to me.

I began reading cards as a teenager and delving into the magic of the seasonal cycles. A strong bond with my guides and Goddess energy formed from there, leading me to expand into the many modalities I have collected to serve you today.

Once entering adulthood I kept my gifts to myself, I refer to it as the years when I put myself in a storage box in order to try ‘fit in’ but found I was left as only an empty shell of who I once knew myself to be.

As a new mother I struggled with anxiety, frustrations and anger that only separated me further from those I love most and I soon learnt that I needed to heal that old witch wound that kept me from being seen, in order to heal myself from the torture of feeling so distant from my soul mission of raising conscious children and being a peaceful mother.

I needed to bring in my tribe, my village, my like minded support.

Of Light and Earth was birthed into creation in 2015 after I had birthed my second daughter, a time when like a lot of new mothers, I was feeling disconnected and empty of my own identity. I recognised that I really needed the grounding of my roots to bring me back to the centre of who I am so I started working with energy again and began holding child friendly women’s circles in my back yard which developed into many different forms of sacred woman’s work I have been involved in since then.

I’m currently studying a Bachelor of Health Science Naturopathy, with a passion for herbs and the old ways of healing. I am a certified Reiki Master Teacher, Meditation teacher, Crystal Healer, Flower Essence Practitioner, a certified Red Tent womens circle Facilitator as well as being an unschooling mumma.

I have evolved and embraced so much more of who I am, since shedding that inbuilt shield that I put up to keep me safe from judgement from outsiders who may never understand.

Today I’m living life on my terms, as a freebirthing, unschooling, respectful, peaceful co-sleeping mumma and I am loving that I get to support mummas like you in finding your power in your calm within this chaos of motherhood.

Anchored in our roots, we are not just surviving we are thriving!

Love Dania