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Holding space for ourselves through honouring our connection to the ELEMENTS.


Quick, easy and practical ways to weave ritual and rhythm into your days to feel ignited with your vitality.


Connect with your Chakras Chart

Chakras are the energy centres of our body, like gateways they allow our energy to flow freely from our roots at the base of our spine to our crown. 

This is a brief overview of each energy centre, bringing awareness of the fundamentals of each chakra and a Mantra for each that you may like to practise to keep your energy flowing for holistic balance.   

Our energy needs to flow through open channels as we unlock each gateway we grow closer to the divine and connect with life force energy to receive understanding, communicate clearly, forgive, heal. love, accept and nourish oneself, chase our passions and feel safe and grounded in where and who we are. 



Moon Magic Charts and Rituals

As the Moon moves through her phases it's hard not to feel the pull of energy. Moon magic has been practiced since the dawn of time, we align with the rhythm of nature for our agricultural cycles, celebrations and rituals, health and menstrual cycles and even the ocean is moved by the pull of the Moon.

Learn about the movements and phases of the moon, how it effects our personal energy balance and how this energy can be used to assist in your day to day life.

Receive a New Moon Ritual as well as a Full Moon Ritual emailed to you to keep for your future practices.