7 Levels of Energetic Connection CONTENT LIBRARY

7 Levels of Energetic Connection CONTENT LIBRARY


Your past is effecting the way that you parent!!

Embrace your shadows with love in the 7 Levels of Energetic Connection

7 Week Intensive CONTENT LIBRARY πŸ”₯

✨ Heal past traumas from childhood and generational imprinting.

πŸƒ Do you lay in bed at night reliving the moments where you blew it?

✨ Do you feel so disconnected from who you are since birthing into motherhood you can't even name what you do for fun?

πŸƒ Do you find yourself talking with your kids and hear your mothers words come flying out your mouth?

✨ Do you feel so obsolete that your needs and desires are never prioritised?

πŸƒ Are you so burnt out, touched out that you are on a short fuse with those you love?

✨ Are you battling against resistance to surrender to the flow of conscious parenting?

πŸƒ Do you wish you could reclaim the strength you need to hold space for your loved ones?


Pay in full by August 19th and you will receive a private 45 minute 1:1 session with me.

Are you ready to break the cycle?


"The journey you are leading us on is deep soul work... I feel such a huge shift, I'm so appreciative of this journey"

"Thank you for the beautiful, safe and sacred circle you have created. You are the master of holding space and I'm in awe of your ability to do this - even over the internet. Your high priestess energy shines strong and I'm so grateful to have you touch my life. Through your space holding, guidance, cues and meditations, the Seven Levels Course has allowed me to access parts of myself which I had no idea could even come to the surface."


❀️ Dania Foster

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My 7 week online workshop will support you to listen to your inner child to hear what you always needed. Together we will find the connection that your children now need to thrive within themselves.

Each week we will discuss a different energetic centre, exploring its basis for strength and weaknesses.

With each session you will be guided on a new channeled journey in meditation to connect with that energetic centre, finding empowerment and healing from its source.

Has this energy centre been holding onto trauma for you?

Do you find yourself playing out these repeating stories with your own parenting style and don’t know how to shift?

Are you parenting from a place of fear, determined not to imprint your experiences onto your own kids?

With an understanding of how our own experiences can impact on our energy and outlook when raising our children, I provide you with a toolbox of ideas and practices. You will be empowered to use these newly discovered tools to heal your wounds and support your child to thrive, feel connected and supported by you.
We reflect into our own childhood and the experiences of generations past that have left their imprint on our life and patterns that we live today. We consider our intentions when raising our children and how to help nurture their divine strengths and abilities to grow into connected adults.

Every week, for 7 weeks, we will be guided on a channeled Meditation journey to help us acknowledge and understand our limiting beliefs and how to shift the energy around them.

You will be supported with an Ebook guide to give you tools and journal prompts to un-layer through the levels to evolve each week.

The gates may be closed to our program but I'm offering you special access to our content library for a fraction of the price!

Follow along in your own time with your own 7 Levels Content Library

🌟 Weekly uploaded video recording from the live workshop

❀️ Weekly tool kit of action prompts to support each level

🌟 Daily Journal Prompts to keep you accountable


Pain travels in family lines until someone is ready to feel it.... are you ready to heal?

Blessed be

Dania πŸ’œ