Working one on one with me is the best way to journey towards connection and calm.

There are 3 ways to work with me privately, through an individualised flower essence consultation, a private meditation journey or an intensive mentoring journey to embracing the shadow.

If you are working through your shadows and leaning into the uncomfortable, an individualised flower essence blend can support you to shift the energy and process the emotions that have been tying you down to your stories and triggers. Book your 20 minute consult with me and I will determine the perfect blend for you and post it out to you!

Individualised Flower Essence Consult including Flower Essence blend - 20 mins $55usd

I offer 45 minute private intuitive meditation sessions via zoom where I can hold space for your stories and help you process your present energy. In this space I channel a divinely guided meditation journey for you to keep as a recording to continue to work with.

Private meditation Journey - 45 mins $137usd

If you are in need of a nurturing, intuitive mentor to hold space for you I offer mentorship placements for a small amount of women to work with me one on one. In order to achieve the calm and conscious connection that you are searching for I work with you for a minimum of 3 months.

A session with me will hold you in safety and comfort. You will feel supported to face your vulnerabilities and the stories that have taunted you for too long.

Nurtured with me in this sacred space I weave together an individualised approach to support you to reclaim power in your calm, clearing and healing the energetic and emotional barriers to embodying the conscious mother you yearn to be.

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Are you looking to reclaim joy in motherhood, work on upholding your boundaries, find calm and release that which triggers you?
I work with my mentor clients for a minimum of 3 months. I suggest we meet weekly for four weeks followed by fortnightly sessions
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As your healer, mentor and guide I hold the space for you to unfold your shadows, your emotions, fears and challenges that stand in the way of your peace.

My gift is to hold you through your dark, show you how to connect to your roots and find the calm to hold space for your children.

When your energy is connected not only do you find yourself in a place of inner peace and strength but you find the relationships in your life will become enriched with a renewed harmony and vitality.

I work with women for a minimum of 3 months for a private intensive healing relationship as the journey we are endeavouring requires time and space to evolve and to shed it’s layers, bringing us to your core and back again. If you require a payment plan this can easily be arranged.

Book your FREE grounding in session with me today to tell me your needs and your struggle and find out how we can work together.