Journey with Me


I am here to support you to connect to your roots and find the power in your calm to raise magical children.

Specifically, I hold the space for you to embrace your shadows with love, help you to heal the wounds of your past, your childhood and the generational patterns of trauma so that you can be a conscious and connected parent, capable within your own energy to hold the space for your child.

I hold create a safe space for you to shed all that holds you back so that you can re-emerge in love and peace. I will hold you in love, theres no judgement here.

The women I work with learn how to overcome the barriers to their worthiness, that keep them stuck in a cycle of feeling burnt out, overwhelmed, unheard and powerless to achieve the calm centred presence they desire as a conscious parent.

If you’re wanting to break the cycle and you are beginning to understand that the only person holding back the connection is your own stories...

I can help you to…

Heal the traumas from the past that are keeping you powerless.

Clear the energy blocks that are sabotaging your connection to yourself and your loved ones.

Create & nurture the daily rituals and rhythms to stay centred in your energy.

Feel empowered to set and maintain your boundaries and needs even with those you love.

Embody the peaceful, connected, conscious mother who is able to hold space without burning out. 

Validate your own self worth, opening you to the freedom of caring for yourself as you do others.

Surrender the worries and anxieties that circle that we cannot control.

Face the chaos of the everyday juggle with the confidence of calm, connected and centred energy.


I hold space for women all over the world with secure online sessions via Zoom online meetings.

Conscious parenting is not for the faint hearted, I would be honoured to hold you throughout this journey.