Intuitive Energy Healing

Intuitive energy healing is an alternative healing system that combines the use of innate senses to determine energy blocks and imbalances. As an energetic healer, I acknowledge the vital force within all living things. Culturally this energy force has many different names, the Chinese call it 'Qi (Chi)', the Eastern Indians know it as 'Prana' and in modern natural medicine we know it as Vitality.

The Vital Force is an inner energy flow that runs throughout the entire body. The fluidity and consistency of the flow determines the health of the person. This is best achieved when mental, emotional, spiritual and physical attributes are all in balance. If an imbalance occurs, the body is open to disease, illness or impact. 

By balancing this energy throughout the bodies' energetic centres, I unblock these pathways to allow the energy to flow freely. We allow the healing power of nature to work with your bodies will to heal itself.  

These sessions aim to uncover the root cause to your energetic imbalance, together we set a plan in place to help you reclaim your power and navigate towards balance, harmony and centred clarity... 

Your session with me...

Your Intuitive energy session will encompass all services that I offer. Begin with a holistic discussion surrounding your needs and what you are hoping to address.

I will provide the services that I feel are required for your needs at the time, it may include a Tarot reading with the desire to illuminate your current energy state, your unconscious thought patterns and your ideal outcomes to be achieved. With a combination of intuitive reading and Tarot I offer guidance and awareness for our next steps forward on the healing journey.

We may then work through your energy centres using a range of modalities including Reiki, Flower Essences, Crystal Healing as well as herbal Smudging to cleanse any negative energy patterns and balance your energy centres with tailored guided meditations and channelled affirmations, allowing the body the freedom to heal.

When your energy is cleansed and balanced not only do you find yourself in a place of inner peace and strength but you find the relationships in your life will become enriched with a renewed harmony and vitality.

Our initial session is 90 mins to allow for a connection to become established and any future sessions with me are 60 mins in length. These sessions are held via zoom online meetings.

A healing session with me includes an individualised flower essence that I will prepare for you and I will post out or we can arrange a pick up in a few days time if you are local.