Healing with the Tarot

Card reading is a way to read the energy of an individual or a situation. Known through the ages as Cartomancy for general card reading or Tarotmancy for tarot in particular, It often brings to mind the gypsy 'fortune tellers' that inspire a longing for foretold riches or romances or even dread for some people fearing future downfalls or traumatic incidents... however his is not my approach.

Although I do believe in fate and a path destined for you, I know that the human spirit follows free will and that the future is fluid and I believe that you design your own fate with every thought that you conjure.

What these card readings do reveal are the influences on the issue at hand. External influences, pressures, mind sets, ancestral patterns and even shadow aspects that you aren't even aware of that are causing your current state of being.  

When reading for you I call in your energy, the energy of your higher self and your guides to deliver me the messages that they have for you. The cards that are revealed are guided to me by my intuitive connections and the messages that come forth are individual for you based on the guidance I receive.

A reading with me will explore your current energies and what is impacting or challenging your alignment, we look at what has lead you to this point and how your conscious and subconscious thoughts contribute to the direction you are heading. We are then able to address your hopes fears, strengths and hurdles to overcome to return you to a place of power, unlocking your innate tools that will help you reach your highest potential. 

I believe the cards show you outcomes for what lies ahead as your potential based on your current energy or as warnings for what may ensue if you continue down a set path without considering consequences of your mindsets and actions. The cards provide us with insight as guidance, steps to take action or tools to manifest your hearts desire. They outline what your higher self has in store for you, guiding you towards the destined path for your highest good. 

I read using the Starchild Tarot Deck, by Danielle Noel. This Deck is otherworldly and connects to our cosmic consciousness through a loving approach to the Tarot.

You can get a reading in person, online by Zoom or by Email or book an intuitive energy healing and you will have a reading included in your session!