If you would like to work with me with the ebb and flow of the Moon and Sun, join our online community for 2 sacred womens circles a month, learning circles and ongoing group support 24/7

A sacred healing ground, a space for us to deepen into ourselves and journey together.

We are of light, embracing source energy and invoking the divine within us.

We are of earth, healing with nature and our earth mother who brings us life.

This is a dedicated space for healing, journey with the same women each moon cycle feel safe to bare your vulnerabilities

The Healing Ground Includes:

*** Full Moon Embodiment Circles ***

An online sacred space to invoke our higher selves through the divine feminine earth mother. To bring us her strength, her love, her power through ritual and celebration.

We will ground in to our bodies and our connection with the earth through a guided meditation

We will invoke a Goddess or Deity who is called to work with us for the month ahead and we will embody her strengths and grow through her channeled messages.

We will open our hearts to share our growth goals, our dreams and challenges.

*** New Moon Shadow Embrace Circles ***

An online sacred space to acknowledge our shadow selves and embrace the hard parts with love. Feel the support of your sisters as we work together to process our shadows that have kept us down for too long.

We cleanse our energy and clear out stagnant emotions and beliefs.

We open our hearts to share our challenges, awakenings and growth goals.

We share in a heart coherence meditation to align our thoughts and emotions as we evolve and shed our layers.

*** Healing Ground Content Library ***

Weekly Journal prompts, storytelling, meditations and sharing our revelations

Access to a private group to share and chat in sacred space, all recorded Meditations, Workshops and Learning Circles from the Healing Ground Library will be available to you.

INVESTMENT $44aud every month for membership