Connect with the Fae

A reading with the Fae opens a doorway to a world of wisdom and channels insight for you in a grounded and earth based perspective.

A Faerie reading will share the magic of nature healing and open your heart to the song of the fae.  

Your card reading will include 3-5 cards discussing your current energy and situations, what is challenging you at the moment and the guidance to move forwards.

My Faerie readings use the Faerie Oracle Deck by Brian Froud and Jessica MacBeth. This deck calls upon the many enchanted creatures that live in the realm of Fae, including gnomes, sylphs, Pan as well as the beautiful faeries. An oracle deck is a gateway for channeled energy or guidance for a particular theme of energy. They have less structure than the Tarot which leads to a more fluid intuitive reading with heart connection. 

Your childhood friends are waiting for you.