Crystal Healing 

Crystal healing involves the placement of crystals on or around the body in order to absorb, shift or amplify the energy that is held within the bodies energy field. The aim is to establish balance and a free flow of energy to be able to travel the bodies meridians or energetic pathways, strengthening your vital force and innate ability to heal.   

Crystals each hold their own vibrational pattern, we know from research into atomic structure that everything is made of energy and every particle is in constant motion. The vibrational qualities of crystals are utilised in our modern life in more ways than you may realise, the quartz in your watch, computers or smart phones all help to keep things working!

The vibrational pattern of a crystal syncs with the energy of our bodies cells, helping our vital force to increase or decrease in frequency, ultimately bringing it back into alignment. I work with the chakra system to bring the emotions into balance as emotions also have their own distinct vibrational frequency which respond and benefit from the placement of various crystals throughout energy centres. 

You will receive crystal healing throughout an intuitive energy healing consult with me.