Full Moon Embodiment of Sekhmet

With the first Full Moon of 2019 being a Super Blood Moon and total Lunar Eclipse, energies are heightened.

This follows from our first New Moon of 2019 being in Capricorn and we have had universal alignment of all planets going direct, all of this energy propelling us forward with determination. We have desires, ambitions, goals and yes this can get overwhelming if we cannot plant our feet and ground our energy to find our direction.

A Super Blood Moon is when the Moon is orbiting closer to Earth making the moon appear larger and the total eclipse turns the moons illumination red in colour.

In the lead up to this event I have been calling to Goddess to bring forth the energy my circle can embody to support this shift. She has shown me the Egyptian warrior Goddess Sekhmet.


Sekhmet is an Egyptian Warrior Goddess, her name is derived from “Sekhem” which translates into “the mighty or powerful one”.

Shown as a woman with the head of a lioness, Sekhmet is clothed in Red with a sun disk, she is a Deity of the Sun and it is said that her breath created the desert. A beautiful accompaniment for this Blood Moon.

Sekhmet is a Goddess of war and destruction, she is known to ride aside Pharaohs into battle to protect them with her arrows of fire. As “Eye of Ra” she was created by the Sun God to destroy the enemies of Ra yet when her fury was released it was not easy to be recalled.

The fury of Sekhmet is the power to bring on a plague yet it also has the might to bring on the end of ones destruction as well. She is the protector of Ma’at, the balance and justice that keeps order in the world.

She is also known as a Goddess of healing, in her halls you would call forth her priestesses to heal the ill. to call upon Sekhmet to drive out the demons that were thought to be the cause of all illness, she represents the exorcism of our inner demons, our shadow selves.

As the story goes, Ra, God of the Sun, created Sekhmet to be sent to Earth to rampage over those who would not follow his rule, those disturbing Ma’at, the order and balance of the land. Unhindered by the blood lust Sekhmet caused great destruction, when Ra tried to recall her she could not be contained. Ra sent Pomegranate infused Beer to Sekhmet and lusting for blood she drank and drank until she fell asleep and didn’t wake for three whole days. It is said that on waking her blood lust had faded and when she awoke she found Ptah (God of creation), whom she fell deeply in love with. The joining of Sekhmet and Ptah, the combination of Destruction and Creation, birthed their son, Nefertum, the God of Healing. and their family union bought upon restoration of Ma’at.

Sekhmet shows us the transforming force of chaos into an icon of feminine power.

The blood lust and embracing nature of feminine strength also leads Sekhmet to be known as “The Scarlet Lady” a deity of menstruation

We feel the wrath of your blood lust, only when we try to hold onto that which is no longer for us. When we cling to the habits that kept us in survival mode, not thriving in our power but clasping with desperation to a pattern of familiarity, comfort in the shadow where we stay stuck.


Invocation of Sekhmet

Sekhmet, I call on you to bring your fire. I ask you to burn up the remains of all that does not serve our higher purpose as we venture toward our truth of power and strength as women on this earth.

We will not fear our own power as we set fire to who we were when we were small.

For our highest good we breath your breath of fire over the wastelands of our past to leave our ashes in the desert to nurture our seeds of truth.

Our seeds can crack open now they have tasted your flames. We are ready to open to you now.

Stand beside us Sekhmet as we face the enemies of the Sun together.

The Sun sees us rise higher with a new days light and strength. These shadows of our demons, we ask you to drive them into your light.

Illuminate this darkness with the light of your flaming arrows cast from your bow this night.

Exorcise these shadows from our bodies and allow us to fill as vessels of your light of power and healing.

So shall it be.

To journey with me through a Goddess invocation ceremony, I welcome you to join our Women of Light and Earth Healing Ground where this is apart of our Full Moon Embodiment Circles each Full Moon. Find details here