Using a pendulum for guidance

I use my pendulum to ask myself questions that I need clear guidance from my higher self... because the answers are within but sometimes emotion clouds the insight.

If I am asking for an intuitive message I use crystals around the outside and the pendulum will swing towards one crystal and that is the crystal with an intuitive message for me... you can also program the crystals to hold a particular answer, outcome or choice and watch which one you're led to.

The simplest way I use my pendulum most commonly is to ask a yes or no question and clockwise is a yes for me and anticlockwise is a no 😊

I have also used my pendulum to clear energy from a Chakra during an energy cleansing session, by allowing it to spin over you to clear the stagnant energy, it slows when it's done... but I prefer to use my hands instead as I can feel stronger that way.

Much love ❤️