Embracing your divine feminine

What is the Divine Feminine?

The Divine Feminine is the ancient connection to the sacredness of womanhood and all that it stands for.

In all things, in all people, there is masculine and feminine and to be holistically balanced we need to nourish each energy as equal. The yin and the yang, the left and the right the creative and emotionally powered and the rational and measured approach.

To see men and women as equals in all aspects of life, without suppressing the strengths of the other. We rise united when both are supported to thrive.

So many women I work with have suppressed their Divine Feminine selves. Feel ashamed to be confident, feel uncomfortable with self love, with their bodies, their emotions and their Intuitive power.

When you claim power for yourself, as an empowered and strengthened woman in your own right, without dismissing the power of your fellow men, you ignite a force of balance.

How do I connect to my Divine Feminine?

When you connect to your Divine Feminine you are creating a sacred bond with the Earth. Our mother of all creation, all things in this world are birthed into being... the feminine connection is strongest in nature. It is the source of all power.

Spend time in nature, sink your bare feet into the earth, run your hands through her naturally flowing rivers. Immerse yourself within her beauty and take time to just be. This is the best grounding experience you can take part in and our feminine souls crave this connection to feel in sync with the world.

Create a sacred sanctuary. No matter how small a space you have to work with, you can create a Goddess retreat on your bedside table if that's all you've got. A pink salt lamp will shift the mood, keep beautiful treasures within your sight, hang your art that makes your soul sing. Play soft music that reaches your heart. Create an alter wherever you go.

Lavish your body mind and soul in a ritual of self love and care. Spend time in your sanctuary, journal your desires, drink beautiful teas, read mind nourishing books and massage into your body succulent oils. Take a relaxing bath, light a candle... do it for you and take time to enjoy.

Exercise your intuition, get yourself an oracle deck that you love! Explore the depths of your higher self, tune into your inner messages of guidance. Practice trusting that gut feeling and push the boundaries of your own personal challenges to expand and grow your infinite possibilities.

Follow the lunar cycles. Look up at the moon and revel in her beauty, acknowledge her changes, her ebb and her flow. Correlate her movements against your own flow, how do they relate? Can you see any patterns? How does the Moon cycle affect your own rhythms and emotion? The energy of manifestation, of retreat and of increased power can be used to empower your own life and successes.

Feel strong in your bodies, in your minds and in your hearts.

Love Dania