How I use herbs to soothe my teething bub

My 13 month old is teething.

We’ve been boobin’ round the clock, using homeopathic powders and he has been chewing and biting down on everything including me... it’s time to brew up some special tea for my baby.

I’ve made chamomile tea for my teething, unsettled babies since my eldest was little and as I’ve learnt more about herbal medicine the tea has shifted into this beautiful blend I have here.


Chamomile is the best gentle, herb for babies in so many situations. It’s the ultimate go to for inflammation, unsettled colicky tummies, restless sleep and generally calming the body. Infusing in a tea and soaking a washer that can be then frozen to be chewed on. No wonder it’s strongly recommended for teething bubs.

Lemon balm is another super gentle herb that I love using for helping my little ones relax, I’ve used it in a tincture when going on long flights as well as of course when needed to help them ease anxiety, relaxing enough to fall asleep as it is a natural sleep aid. It may also soothe digestion and has been shown to have antiviral actions.

Yarrow is another favourite herb of mine that I love using for childhood illnesses. Infusing yarrow in a tea that can be added to a bath to help regulate a fever or even on a washer that they can rest on their foreheads, as a tea it may aid digestion reducing gas and bloating.

Skullcap is a herb I use a lot as it soothes the nervous system in situations of anxiety, fear or restlessness. Great after overstimulation and when dealing with feelings of over sensitivity. It is a safe and comforting addition to my herbal blends.

Lavender flowers are an uplifting inclusion as they are calming, a safe digestive system herb as well as having antidepressant qualities. It’s a great herb for tea infusions as well as topically. Lavender is also a traditional remedy for headaches or hot heads.

Passion flower is an anxiolytic and a sedative that I I use to help to establish and maintain sleep. It is also a natural pain reliever, so if it’s pain keeping the little ones up this may help them rest easy.

Fennel seeds are one of my go to herbs for digestive complaints, bloating gas and of course a colicky baby. Helping to ease discomfort to allow them to settle.

Renown herbalist Rosemary Gladstar, author of Herbal Remedies for Children, emphasizes that when “Administered wisely herbs do not upset the delicate ecological balance of children’s small bodies, but rather work within the harmony of their system.”

I blend these herbs together and infuse with boiling water just like making a tea. I can then dilute this brew into cold water or my children’s drink bottles, adding a little bit of raw honey for taste if need be and they’re over one. Or I can soak a washer in the brew and freeze it for them to chew on, freeze into ice blocks that can be sucked and gnawed on through a mesh or muslin bag. Or tip the brew into the bath to allow the child to soak it all up through the skin but this doesn’t help much for digestive or teething complaints. I use for my babies once over 6 months old, they sleep attached to me and I only add honey if over one year.

This morning I mixed 75ml of herbal brew diluted with 75ml of cold filtered water, my bub drank about 10ml of that and was then happy enough to play for a bit instead of the unsettled discomfort he was feeling all night, he pooped then after changing him he slept on me for a long and heavy nap. His cheeks have calmed from the one sided red inflammation he had since last night and he is relaxed and joyful again.

Love Dania ❤️🌿