Grounding - what is it and how do you do it?

I get asked all the time about grounding and how to do it. Essentially grounding is connecting our bodily energy to the Earth, via our feet. Pretty much like plugging into source.  

See we are energetic beings. Our essential functions of our heart, lungs, brain and nervous system relies on energetic connections. It’s understandable that just like any other electrical device we need an earth point so that we don’t burn out. 

The science of it is that the modern world is overflowing with positive ions that are ever increasing with electromagnetic radiations from computers, internet, WiFi, mobile phones, TVs and other electronic appliances. Then add in our rubber soled shoes, our beds up off the ground and our increased time spent indoors, we have been cutting ourselves off from the Earth. 

The Earth is our power source, abundant in negative ions that help to balance the positive ions produced by environmental stress. We need it’s energetic connection to our bare skin to help our body regulate our energy, our vital force that helps our bodies innate ability to heal itself, our immunity and fight our inflammatory responses to free radicals in our body. 

You’ll find you’re ungrounded if you are a bit scattered, forgetting appointments or where you’ve left your keys. If you’re somebody who could be described as being off with the fairies or always stuck in their head. Do you find yourself flitting from one task to another but never seeming to get anything done?


Another indicator of needing to secure your grounding is feeling fearful, rejected or abandoned by those around you. Feeling insecure about where you belong or live or work. Anxiety can be eased with regular grounding, especially for kids!

The simplest way to ground is by slipping off your shoes and standing barefoot on the earth. Finding a current amplifier like a natural body of water to dip into will be even better, a river or the beach is perfect! Feeling the damp grass underfoot, the warm dusty earth, the course sand will send the warming energy up through the soles of your feet, anchoring you into a place of stability, feeling peace settling through you.

Whenever you can, go barefoot! 

If you can’t go barefoot or live in an area where it’s just not possible for you to find some ground, like you live in a high rise apartment or something like that, you can get earthing mats that you can sleep on to help generate the same electromagnetic response in your body. 

As an energetic healer and as a mum I find it imperative to my energetic self care to ground everyday! I have had to find ways to add this to part of my daily rhythm so that it doesn’t get neglected but makes it easy enough to do it without even thinking. For me I like to create check points throughout my day for me to check in on my energy, emotions my connection to self and source so that I can calibrate, adjust and realign my outlook and influence to keep things flowing in positivity.

My check point for grounding is the washing. It began with me hanging out the clothes on the line and being barefoot on the grass, hearing the birds around me in the morning sun, the motion of raising me arms up above my head to peg the clothes and the rocking from side to side on my bare feet in the dewy grass... I was earthing! From there I created an association with my washing to grounding my energy and even if I’m running around upstairs picking up clothes from the bathroom floor it triggers the grounding meditative visualization of roots in my feet and I feel more solid, more stable in that moment. 


The Root Chakra is the energetic center for grounding. Sitting at the base of your spine it is the point where nerve endings spread out down your legs to your feet, awaiting their connection to the Earth mother to receive all the energy of stress and burden in exchange for strength and support, to recharge.

Another way you can ground your energy is through meditation, sitting on the Earth, back against a tree or on a chair with your feet flat on the ground. Feeling your energy traveling down with your roots into the ground to exchange your energy with the Earth, plug in and recharge.  

I also like to make a warming cup of herbal tea to ground my energy, great before meditation or just to unwind at the end of the day. I have combined some of my favourite grounding herbs into a pack you can purchase here

My favourite crystals for grounding are Hematite, Red Jasper, Smokey Quartz but there’s lots more to choose from if they call to you. 

Smokey Quartz

Smokey Quartz

Happy grounding! 

Love Dania